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When those greens just won’t wilt.

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Sometimes, dark leafy greens like kale, swiss chard, and broccoli sit in a pan and just burn rather than wilt, which is not exactly delicious.  Or you put too much in the pan and can’t stir it without sprinkling kale strips all over the kitchen.

Look! This cute bunny loves dark leafy greens– you should too!

To remedy this situation and speed up cooking time, I just splash a little water over the veggies and put a lid on top (even if it doesn’t really fit!).  It’s kind of like steaming, but without the yucky results and inevitably spilled boiling water.  And the vegetables caramelize, which means some of the sugars in the cells of the veggies decompose (thermochemically, not biologically) and get all brown and nutty and savory.  Also, dark leafy greens are high in just about everything good and low in calories.  Enjoy!

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