Whole wheat penne, broccoli, feta, and seared tofu

Tofu – not just a barfy salad topping anymore

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One of my weirder fridge staples is tofu.  It’s really cheap, adaptable, and a vegetarian source of complete protein.  I use firm tofu as a last-minute protein addition to lots of meals (when I don’t feel like defrosting something).  It is kinda funky, though, so I cut it into very small pieces (about 1/8″ by 1/4″ by 1/2″), marinate it in something very flavorful like soy sauce, and generally sear it in a really hot pan (seasoned cast iron imparts a really nice flavor).  It helps if it’s pressed between layers of paper towels under something heavy, like said cast iron pan.  The silken variety (the softer stuff) is a great addition to sauces and smoothies, especially places where you’d use sour cream, mayo, or cream cheese.  It has virtually no flavor, so make sure you are pairing it with something more powerful, like basil or mango.

A good use of tofu | foodsciencenerd.com
Whole wheat penne, broccoli rabe, feta, and seared tofu

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