Overlooking the Harbor, the Zakim Bridge, the Beacon Hill obelisk, and the site of the Boston Tea Party all at once.

The wonders of New England: Part Deux

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Here I pick up where I left off, a little under halfway through my excursions around Boston.


My roommate and I revisited one of the best restaurants in the North End… and a rather cheap one to boot!  Where can you possibly get good cheap food in the North End?  Regina’s!  A fixture since 1926, they have a wide variety of high quality pizza and homemade dough, sauce, etc.  We got a pizza with roasted veggies and chicken, but even the plain cheese is perfect.  Very full and happy, we partook in the Italian tradition of an after-dinner walk.  We were lucky that our walk took us along the Boston Harbor Walk, the site of the beginning of the Revolutionary War and the Molasses Flood.  I noticed a slight tinge of molasses in the air before I realized we were standing on the site of the flood- I later did some research and found out that I am not alone!

The Boston Harbor: a New England staple | foodsciencenerd.com
Overlooking the Harbor, the Zakim Bridge, the Beacon Hill obelisk, and the site of the Boston Tea Party all at once.

We made our way around most of the Harbor, skirted Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, and walked along the edge of the Commons and Garden until we hit Cheers.  I never had any interest in going there until I actually started watching the show (I absolutely love Frasier and watch Cheers by default now).  The downstairs (Bull and Finch Pub) looks nothing like the set but has the same feel.  The upstairs, recently remodeled to “look like the set,” has a few local beers on tap, so we stopped here to get a drink before heading home.

Cheers | foodsciencenerd.com
Other than the bar itself, this actually looks nothing at all like the set, but the unwitting Boston tourists have no clue.


On Tuesday, we were both tired but decided to continue our eating out streak by hitting up my absolute favorite bakery in the entire world that also happens to have incredible soups and sandwiches: Flour (the one in Central Square).  I’ll let a picture do the talking.

Flour sandwich | foodsciencenerd.com
Perfectly seasoned, of course. Why else would it be so spectacular?

Actually, I lied.  I’m going to do some talking.  My roommate got a panini with grilled chicken, brie, and caramelized onions that smelled incredible.  We each got a homemade raspberry seltzer (so so good!).  Of course, you can’t go there and not get desserts, so I got a meringue cloud and a chocolate chip cookie and my roommate got a brownie.  Those desserts sound very normal, but believe me, they’re not.  The chef, Joanne Chang, used her math genius to reconfigure traditional recipes to be mind-blowingly delicious without doing anything weird.  A chocolate chip cookie is exactly that… but so. much. better.


We decided to peruse the other half of Cambridge, Harvard Square.  After examining about a million good possibilities, we decided on Grendel’s Den for dinner.  I was expecting an overpriced tourist trap, based on how much I’ve heard about it, but it was mostly students in a small, dark, but not creepy bar.  We sat ourselves and each got a cheap-ish Harpoon IPAs.  I was shocked looking at the menu how cheap everything was!  After some deliberation, I decided to get the pasta with pesto.  It was simple, a good serving size- nothing overly huge and ridiculous, and very cheap (about $6).  Exactly what I always want– small servings with a small price!  And quite delicious.  We needed ice cream after that meal, so we went over to JP Licks, where I got fresh mint ice cream- perfect after a filling meal!  Then, we still wanted a “nightcap”, so we visited Crema Cafe, which sources their coffee and tea from the same places Newbury Street Coffee does, so we knew it’d be good!

Crema Cafe | foodsciencenerd.com
This place is very easy to sit at for hours and feel hip doing it.


We were planning to go to Otto pizzeria, Coolidge Corner Theatre, and JP Licks/Peets (again, but this time in Coolidge Corner), but we both got caught up at work, so we went for delivery from Naked Pizza instead.  We do this a lot, but it’s really really good (and good for you!), so we can’t really help it.


I went “home-home” to NC, where it feels like everything in sight is a chain restaurant, save Tomato Jake’s pizzeria, modeled (loosely) after Pizzeria Regina!  It was a really nice break from city life to see loved ones and travel by car, but I was definitely ready for some good iced coffee by the time I got back to Boston on Monday Saturday at 11 AM.

Tomato Jake's Pizzeria

…And that brings me to right now, with a fridge full of freshly purchased ingredients ready for more culinary adventures!

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