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Product Review: BuddyFruits

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I first saw the BuddyFruits brand when one of my coworkers was feeding her baby with the toddler version of this puréed-fruit delivery system. It’s actually a great alternative to the normal baby food packaging, since it takes up less room and there’s no worry of spoon-contamination growing in the leftovers.

But now it exists for adults as FruitBreak- little squeezable pouches of puréed fruit, marketed as a “smooth fruit blend.” Now, there’s nothing nutritionally wrong with this concept, as opposed to unidentifiable tubes of goo like Go-Gurt. It’s just fruit (there are coconut and Greek yogurt versions), though it does have the same problems as your typical smoothies: the breakdown of fibers makes the fruit less filling and the sugars absorb more quickly. It’s also kind of expensive, so I waited until they were on sale to try it.

BuddyFruits review | foodsciencenerd.com

My take on it: tastes good, but… This is just baby food. It’s baby food for spoonless adults.

So I won’t stop you from consuming these, but just eat a banana like a normal human…

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