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One of my profs just updated us on a developing series of lawsuits against- you guessed it- protein powder!  Here’s a recent story from Forbes with details:

To give a summary: remember that scandal in China with the baby formula spiked with melamine, which killed some babies?  Well, melamine has a very high nitrogen content, so it appears like very high protein content in rudimentary food safety tests.  It’s also very cheap to produce (and is a component of my favorite set of mixing bowls.)  Hence, many protein powder manufacturers use mostly melamine, thereby masking the low actual protein content of their powders while still charging premium prices. As far as I know, no adults have died because, unlike babies, they are getting protein from other sources as well. But still, better regulation of supplements would prevent this from ever happening– and that’s a whole other issue.  The reason I care about this, though, is because this is just more proof that I was right- protein powder is dumb. Go eat a burger!

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(I am 99% sure that “MusclePharm” was not around while  Schwarzenegger was this age… And I’m pretty sure it won’t be around much longer.)

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