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More little updates on my grown up blog

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Hello again, lovely blog followers!  I’ve continued to update the blog and my related sites, so there are yet more ways to follow me:

  1. Email me directly:
  2. Follow my twitter and Facebook, as always
  3. Follow (or just periodically check) my new Pinterest— all my blog posts and individual recipes, as well as some other recipes and tips I like, are now nicely organized and lovely to look at!
  4. I have a Google+ page (this isn’t terribly interesting, but it may help out some of you weirdos)
  5. I also just caved and got a foodsciencenerd Instagram account, so now I can bother you all more often with little food-related updates!
  6. And as always, you can follow this blog directly via email signup or the WordPress follow function.

blogging updates |

In all social media cases, my handle is @foodsciencenerd, so it’s very easy to find me.  Thanks for all your support over the past 24 hours- my blog has been blowing up today!

And I made a logo!  Adorable, right??

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