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Missing Boston

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I recently moved from Boston to New Jersey for grad school. I would never have voluntarily done so, but my wonderful boyfriend is also in grad school here, and I’ve found myself a nice car, apartment, and job in the area to make myself as comfortable as possible. Overall I can’t complain about life here, but I also can’t say it’s not painful to be away from the familiar, exciting comfort of Boston and all the friends I have there. Sometimes I even miss the T, which is really saying something. To combat the homesickness, I try to find something every day to remind me of Boston, which is of course generally food. I’ve recreated a few favorite meals my kitchen, including Peet’s iced coffee, Otto pizza, and a romantic lunch modeled after the Salted Pig– stay tuned for posts! But I’ve found a few other reminders of home that don’t require any prep work.

Before I even considered moving, I made sure Harpoon IPA was sold in the area, because I really couldn’t survive without that taste of home- my boyfriend and I visited the brewery so often that we started memorizing the tour!

A crucifix- One of my favorite parts of the brewery tour
A crucifix- One of my favorite parts of the brewery tour

Problem was, once I got down here, I couldn’t find any Harpoon that wasn’t past the 120-day-old mark (sometimes waaaaay past)- something that I know, from the aforementioned tour, the company would never stand for. It made me sad too, considering it didn’t taste the same. After about a month of this problem, I reached out to the company to let them know. True to fashion, they not only responded personally but went above-and-beyond to apologize for the issue (which really wasn’t their fault at all). About a week after my email conversation with them, this showed up at my door:

24 cans of fresh-from-Boston IPA. So so good. And it really is just as good from a can as a bottle, granted you pour it into a glass first. I also took their buzzfeed quiz and got an answer I was quite pleased with:

Harpoon beer from Boston | foodsciencenerd.com

Another exciting development in the world of Bostonian beer is that Sam Adams Octoberfest is back out! Here’s proof:


I also made it a priority to find places to visit/eat/study that remind me of my favorite places in Boston. So far, I’ve found a co-op that reminds me of Harvest Co-op, which I’ve written about before, a fantastic farmers’ market reminiscent of the Brookline farmers’ market, and a couple of coffee shops that have the same hipster feel as Pavement and Blue State on BU’s campus.

(That book is fantastic too!)
(That book is fantastic too!)

All these little things really help me create a new life here that still feels like the life I made for myself in Boston. Still having a zip code that starts with zero provides an odd comfort too, like I’m not that far away after all. But one thing I dearly miss is girls’ night out at Brookline’s Regal Beagle… Guess I’ll have to visit soon!


P.S. Sorry if this post seems like a name-dropping product placement article.  I swear I’m not being reimbursed or coerced by any of these companies.  I just really love these products.

P.P.S  One of Harpoon’s solutions to the out of code NJ beer is that people should buy and drink Harpoon IPA more often in Central Jersey.  I agree.