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I used MyPlate before it even existed.

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Hipster MyPlate | foodsciencenerd.com

My first real nutrition post!

I love food (wow. shocker.) and I love eating, but I also love ballet and fitting into normal sized clothes.  How can I have both?  Easy!  Nutrition!  My favorite fix is adding lots and lots of vegetables to meals that have other calorie dense foods that I enjoy (especially pasta and cheese; those aren’t unhealthy per se, especially whole wheat/low fat respectively, but they do have a lot of calories for not a whole lot of food).  You may actually notice that meals from more recent times (the pictures will be in here:not my old apartment or home kitchen) have about twice as many veggies as the rest of the components collectively.  Some people like to call this technique Volumetrics, I like to call it delicious.

As I sit here eating my Kale Pie, I want to let you know that my family’s been cooking with the MyPlate principles long before it was even a twinkle in the USDA’s eye.  We’ve always assured that half our plates were full of fruits and veggies alongside our grains (we switched to exclusively whole grains about 7 years ago when I first started liking nutrition) and “protein”*.  Here’s proof:

<1/4 stuffing (whole grains), <1/4 turkey (lean meat), 1/4 cranberry-apple relish (no added sugar!), >1/4 green beans, sweet potatoes (unsweetened), and rutabaga and carrots (which is admittedly disgusting, but Mom likes it), and a glass of skim milk.

It’s also a good idea to add at least half fruit to your breakfast or dessert, if you like sweets at those times… we never really did this at home, but I do now!

*I have a beef (haha, beef, get it?) with that term being used to signify the meat/beans/tofu/eggs, etc. portion of a meal– lots of foods have protein in them that aren’t technically in this category.  And if the USDA is trying to be hip and use “protein” as a abbreviation for “complete protein” (i.e. something that has all 9 amino acids that your body cannot synthesize from other amino acids), how are normal people supposed to know that?

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