Happy 100th, Julia Child!

Happy 100th to the French Chef!

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Happy 100th, to the French Chef herself, Julia Child!

Arguably the mother of all talented American chefs, Julia Child lives on in her multitude of cookbooks, TV shows, and BU’s Gastronomy program.  Today would be her 100th birthday, which is pretty awesome!  To celebrate… I’m actually not cooking anything.  Fail.  But I am going near her home in Cambridge while taking a mini-vacation since I literally am taking no days off this summer to go anywhere.  This week, I’m galavanting around Brookline Village, Newport, the North End, Central Square, Harvard Square, Coolidge Corner, and home (North Carolina) after work, which explains the shortage of posts.  I’ll update you guys on these trips soon, considering they all revolve around food!

Also coming soon:

Also, Happy Solemnity of the Assumption!  Cue Sister Act!

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