cold-brewed iced coffee

Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee at 25 cents a Glass

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Impossible, you say?  I don’t know about you, but I’m used to spending about $3 on iced coffee when I go out.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing will ever replace the joy of sitting in a coffee shop with a mason jar of iced coffee and a good book:

This is my happy place.


But for my summer morning cup of coffee, I’d prefer to spend 1/12th the money, thank you.  And I’d prefer not to have to make hot coffee and chill it, because that’s a pain.  And I’d prefer not to make hot coffee and add ice, because that’s just nasty.  So here’s the solution:

IMG_0344Just water, two pitchers (or a bowl and a pitcher), and your favorite coffee.  That’s all it takes.  I choose Peet’s whole bean coffee because it reminds me of Boston.  It’s also just the best coffee ever and the closest store is in Manhattan, which is sad.  If you also use whole beans, use a coarse grind for this coffee.

Here’s the process:

1) Fill one pitcher with cold water.  Make sure it’s water that you think tastes good.  The water here is yucky, so I filter it first.

2) Dump in about a cup of coffee grounds.  Exactness is completely unnecessary.  Stir into the water.

If you don’t stir, it just kinda floats there on top.  The water doesn’t get along with the oil from the grounds.

3) Wait 8-24 hours.  You can stir occasionally if that makes you happy.

4) Set up the filtering system.  Put a medium strainer lined with a coffee filter over the pitcher you’d like to store the coffee in.

cold-brewed iced coffee
Filtering is easier if you let the coffee grounds settle to the bottom for the last hour of steeping.

5) Pour the iced coffee through the filter.  Walk out of the kitchen and forget that you are in the middle of filtering.  Walk back in the kitchen, remember, and pour more coffee through the strainer.  Repeat until all the liquid has been transferred.

This is honestly some of the best iced coffee I have ever had.  And it’s so nice to have coffee just waiting happily in the fridge when I wake up in the morning!

cold-brewed iced coffee
A little glass of morning happiness. (It’s not beer. Don’t worry.)

P.S. I also use coffee as ice cubes so my drink doesn’t get watered down as I drive to work.

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