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Chemex Review, or, Why You Need Yet Another Way to Brew Coffee

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Good Morning!  Wishing you had a really good cup of coffee to get you through another Monday?  Well…

My roommate from Boston is getting married soon (yaaaaaaaaaay!!!) and put a Chemex coffee maker on her registry, which, lucky for me, my mom bought for her for the bridal shower.  I’d never given those much credit, and neither had her fiance, apparently (his words, I believe, were “Don’t we already have a coffee maker??”).  I know that a lot of hipster coffee shops use them for pour-overs, but I prefer richer, chocolatier coffees to the acidic, fruity coffees those places favor.  I’ve had a lot of success with pour-overs at home as well as cold-brew iced coffee and lattes, but my roommate had me taste her Chemex coffee (hot and then iced the next morning) and I was hooked.  I just got my very own Chemex (thanks, Mom!) for my birthday and I’m never looking back.

Chemex |

Also, in a strange turn of events, I followed their instructions and hints exactly (including the brewing temperature… get an instant read thermometer!!) with wonderful results.  After all, they have been around since long before the automatic drip machines and it was used on the set of Friends- and they lived above a coffee shop- so you know it’s high quality:

It only takes about 10 minutes (mostly unattended) to make a few days worth of coffee (depending on who you are…) and the carafe can go straight in the fridge for rich, strong iced coffee the next morning.  You can use whatever your favorite coffee is (if you love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, don’t tell me.  It’ll just make me sad.), but fresh ground to a medium grind is best- you need two heaping tablespoons for every five ounces of water.

It also feels a lot like doing vacuum filtration in a lab, if that’s your thing (it’s mine!).

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