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A Boston Organics Adventure: Week One

This post was not sponsored by Boston Organics.  I just really like them.

I recently was informed about the company Boston Organics by a friend, and then later that same week by a patient- with two rave reviews, I had to look into the service.  If you, like me, are unfamiliar with them, they provide weekly deliveries of fresh, organic, local produce to your doorstep, for pretty much the same price it would be at a farmers’ market.  It’s like a CSA, but even more convenient!  And, if you’re squeamish about not-thoroughly-washed local produce (which comes in what they call a “Dogma Box”), then you can also get deliveries of packaged organic produce from all over the world- and even specify your likes and dislikes to get only things you want.

I went with the local box because I’m always up for a challenge- with meal planning and with trying new produce, and eagerly anticipated my first delivery.  Fortunately, they let you know what’s coming a few days ahead of time, so I had time to plan a little menu and get the additional ingredients I needed.  Turns out that in addition to cost of the box, I only had to purchase about $20 worth of ingredients for every meal that week, including a few dinners with my boyfriend fiancé.  And, my meals were automatically at least half fruit and vegetables, so I was following my own recommendations by default!

For breakfasts, I did a seasonal spin on my yogurt parfaits that I did during the summer.  Instead of berries, which are now very expensive, I roasted some delicata squash (which doesn’t have to be peeled) with maple syrup, olive oil, and lots of cinnamon.

Boston Organics Week 1 |

I layered that in with my usual yogurt and some chia seeds and enjoyed it with a local mocha-flavored granola that my mom sent me.  It doesn’t look all that pretty, but it was delicious!  Also, eating vegetables for breakfast puts you ahead of the curve for the rest of the day.Boston Organics Week 1 |

For lunches, I roasted up Brussels sprouts and eggplant, caramelized some onions, and sauteed the kale and turnip greens that came in the box.  I also made some bacon, because, bacon, and mixed all the vegetables with whole wheat pasta and parmesan.  It was kind of stinky to microwave thanks to the Brussels sprouts (sorry coworkers!) but it was so flavorful and savory that I didn’t really care that much.

Boston Organics Week 1 |

One night for dinner, I made turkey burgers with kale salad and roasted turnips and forgot to take pictures.  The kale salad wasn’t exactly a hit, but the turnips were something that my boyfriend fiancé would “not hate eating again.” I call that a win.

Finally, with the rest of the veggies (plus a few I had lying around the house), I made fried rice using leftover brown rice and stuffed it full of peppers, mushrooms, onions, and scallions.  I topped it with some just-barely cooked flank steak for protein, and YUM!

Boston Organics Week 1 |

Overall, my first week with Boston Organics was very fun, but planning out the meals was a little stressful.  It’s not something I can necessarily handle every week, especially if I’m travelling, have lots of nighttime rehearsals/ballet classes/hockey games, or have dinner plans with friends.  BUT fortunately, the service is very flexible and can be cancelled week-by-week, so you can be very picky about when you’ll get boxes and when you don’t.  Fortunately, you can even look ahead and cancel boxes that have lots of food you don’t necessarily like, so picky eaters can plan accordingly (though I’d encourage you to try new things!).