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Hello and welcome to Food Science Nerd!  If you've landed here, I'm assuming you're interested in learning more about how simple scientific know-how can help you create healthier, tastier, and/or easier meals and become more confident in the kitchen.  If so, you've come to the right place!

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I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist hailing from Boston, but I lived in New Jersey (as you'll be able to tell from my posts) while getting my Masters in Nutritional Biochemistry at Rutgers, where I researched intracellular cholesterol transport.  While lab work is a fascinating and vital part of my career plan, my true passions lie in nutrition, cooking, and culinary science (think America's Test Kitchen, The Food Lab, or Good Eats).  I have also worked as a clinical dietitian and have extensive experience in community nutrition/counselling as well.  I'm studying sports nutrition on the side in hopes that I can help women's hockey players and ballerinas optimize their performance by addressing their very specific nutrition needs.

If you want to contact me directly, email me at foodsciencenerdRD@gmail.com.  There are plenty of other ways to stay in contact, such as:

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"It sounds like Rat and Patootie. Ratpatootie. Not very delicious." ~Alfredo Linguine, Ratatouille
Have fun learning!

This blog is not meant as a substitute for individualized nutrition counseling. Although I am a Registered Dietitian, the meal ideas and recipes displayed on this website are general and are not necessarily be suited to your needs. For personalized nutrition counselling, please see the options on my business website (coming soon!).

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  • There were a lot of beautiful pictures taken this past weekend, but the most beautiful by far were from the über-local tasting menu my friends and I cooked together and ate al fresco- I couldn't imagine a better way to spend a day! #vegetables #dietitian #dinner #local #nantucket #seafood #bachelorette
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  • Only a couple more weeks of cooking weird unbalanced meals for just myself... tonight it's baked potato, homemade ricotta, tomatoes, and a drizzle of olive oil. Yum! #dietitian #vegetables #dinner #cheese #vegetarian
  • Got myself a 1-year-at-MGH anniversary present that only a dietitian could love- new fancy gym! #exercise #physicalactivity #dietitian #mgh
  • Martinis made with #local vodka and  Croatian 🇭🇷 (#notlocal) blueberry liqueur and OH MY GOSH 40 DAYS??? #cocktails #dietitian #myroommatesbaaaaaack

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