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A Weekend in Buffalo: Where to Eat and Drink

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I went to Buffalo this January.

[lose all readers due to Food Science Nerd officially going insane]

Are you still there?  Good.  Let me explain why I went to Buffalo, why it made sense, and why it was a great place to eat.

I went to Buffalo for the NWHL All-Star Game.  I believe I’ve talked about the league on this blog before, and it’s pretty clear that I love it a lot.  The athletes are quite the role models, the league is still small enough that it feels inclusive to fans, and I just love good hockey.

NWHL All-Star Game |

I had a ton of fun at the game AND I avoided the crazy blizzard that dumped 2 feet of snow on my apartment in NJ.  Ironic that I went TO Buffalo to avoid snow, but it worked!

Turns out that Buffalo is also a great place to eat!  And drink beer.  There’s a lot of good beer, probably due to the fact that everyone is stuck inside all the time.  Works for me!  In case you find yourself in the Buffalo area, here are some highlights from my trip:

  1. Thanks to Tatiana Rafter of the Buffalo Beauts for the suggestion of Jim’s Steakout.  It is a fast food joint that specializes in cheesesteak-like creations.  She suggested the Buffalo Chicken sandwich (yuck), which got rave reviews from my boyfriend.  He liked it so much that he took a picture of it (I’m rubbing off on him- yay!)

Buffalo Chicken Sub |

I got the Chicken Spinach sub with provolone and some magical sauce that really impressed me.  I’d eat that every day if I could.  And they had whole wheat bread!

Spinach Chicken sub | Spinach Chicken sub |
2.  We stopped in Syracuse on the way for dinner at a brewery and had a disappointing time… I don’t recommend Syracuse.  The place we had dinner did have a martini that cracked me up though:IMG_1105

Get it?  It’s trying to be healthy!  But really, that sounds gross.

  1.  We had a late-night drink at a place called Bourbon and Butter.  It got great reviews, but it was inside a strip-mall looking place and seemed unnecessarily pretentious.  However, it did have a hockey game on the only TV, so it won some points back there.  Also, they had very creative drinks that were totally delicious.  I had one with gin, blueberry, daikon, rosemary, citrus, lavander honey, and mint, and I tasted another with bitter chocolate bourbon, old brew, beet juice, and bitters.  Very unique and very refreshing- all in all, I’d definitely recommend this place, but maybe don’t show up in hockey jerseys…


  1.  The highlight of the trip was the Big Ditch Brewery.  After our less-than-great experience in Syracuse the night before, this place was everything it promised.  The atmosphere was pleasant (and about 3 blocks from our hotel), the food was incredible, and the beer was perfect.  We shared a flight, and liked every single beer- that never happens!

Big Ditch Brewery |

  1.  We also ate at Pearl St. Bar and Grill (twice, actually), which was a fully pleasant experience.  The first time, we went on the recommendation of some locals, who were very friendly (literally everyone in Buffalo is friendly).  The second time, we went because it was the only thing open on Sunday after the hockey game let out.  It was great both times!

  2.  To burn off all those calories, we went to Canalside, which has outdoor skating all winter.  It was only $6 because we had our own skates, and it was loads of fun!  They even had a cafe to warm up in while the zamboni smoothed the ice.

All in all, it was a great weekend.  See? I’m not crazy!

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