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A study-day discovery: Easy Pour-overs!

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I’m in the middle of studying for a biochem exam, so this has to be a quick post, but I can’t help but share.

This is pretty much my life now.
This is pretty much my life now. (Note the Harpoon sticker.  I got in a goody box from the same guys who sent the beer– just because they’re nice!)


I was hacking away at buffer problems earlier today and was suddenly hit with the desire for hot coffee (it’s finally cool out!), but the thought of pulling out my clunky coffee maker that is stored about 3 feet above my reach was quite unappealing.  Inspired by my very frequent trips to coffee shops for study sessions, I decided to attempt a pour over.  I figured that even without the fancy (expensive!) equipment, I could make something satisfactory.  And I did!  This is all it took:

1) A perfect mug from David’s Tea (ok, any mug with a strainer or a coffee filter in a funnel is good enough, but I love David’s Tea)

2) Coffee, preferably fresh ground to a medium grind

3) Water at about 205 F

IMG_2555Using typical pour-over technique, pour about a third of the desired volume of water over the coffee and let drain.  Repeat two more times.  If not strong enough yet, let steep for a bit.

easy pour-overs | foodsciencenerd.com
Totally hit the spot!

Kept me awake and happy for the rest of the afternoon!

A study-day discovery: Easy Pour-overs!

A study-day discovery: Easy Pour-overs!


  • About 3 Tbsp fresh ground coffee, medium grind
  • Water heated to 205F


  1. Pour the water over coffee grounds in a strainer over a mug to just wet the grounds. Let soak for 30 seconds.
  2. Pour water to fill 1/3 capacity of the mug, covering all the grounds, and let strain through. Repeat two more times.

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