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A little taste of Boston for lunch

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My boyfriend and I really love a new restaurant in Back Bay (in Boston) called the Salty Pig.  I found it for his birthday last year, hoping it would please both of us and be a nice departure from the North End, and I was right!  It had something for both of us- nice and hipster-y for me, lots of meat for him.  And plenty of craft beer and fancy cheese for both of us!  The basic premise of the restaurant is a platter of cured meat like prosciutto (our go-to choice), a cheese selection, and sides.  I always go with the mixed olives and he goes for marcona almonds and incredible local honey.  It comes with ciabatta bread and is just fantastic!

Not being in Boston anymore, we really missed those pleasant meals.  So a few weeks back, while we were at Wegmans getting ingredients for a fancy dinner (more to come on that) and we found one of our favorite cheeses.  Actually, this cheese we first had at another of our favorite restaurants as part of a dessert platter.  It’s called Humboldt Fog, an American goat cheese ripened with ash that gives it a distinct flavor.  It tastes like the color gray, if colors tasted like anything.

taste of boston | foodsciencenerd.com
Humboldt Fog is the cheese with the gray streaks.

We also found a manchego cheese and our favorite Wegman’s intense cheddar to enjoy with our baguette.  We picked up some marcona almonds to go with it, just like at the Salty Pig.  And some fancy prociutto, of course!  A bunch of fresh basil really added to the bites of cheese and meat.

I also ran across some starfruit, which I had been looking for for months!  It is a primary ingredient in one of our favorite iced teas at David’s Tea and was a staple in my childhood school lunches.  My boyfriend had never seen it, so when I found it, I just had to include it in lunch!

All in all, this lunch was quite delicious and a pretty darn good replica of the meals we had in Boston.

taste of boston | foodsciencenerd.com
I had to plate it out on a cutting board, just for extra class and rustic-ness.

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