I even subbed half the flour for whole wheat flour so I can pretend it's healthy!

A beautiful day for some delicious food…

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Today was just one of those days that it feels nice to be an adult.  Nothing special happened, it was just nice to wake up on a Saturday, do some cleaning, laundry, and yoga, then roll out of the sparkling apartment on my own time to grocery shop, make some business calls at a local cafe, and enjoy the fact that the humidity has dropped to fall levels rather than summer insanity.  Actually, it’s absolutely stunning out right now– compared to the last few weeks of awfulness, today was hot in the sun but very cool in the shade.  The sun’s even setting noticeably earlier, so I get a chance to really enjoy the cool evenings before going to bed!

On an actual food-relevant note, I fixed an outlet in my kitchen today!  In celebration, I tuned the  kitchen TV to Cook’s Country and made Flour’s Banana Bread with some stinky old bananas we had lying around.

I even subbed half the flour for whole wheat flour so I can pretend it’s healthy!

I’m waiting to try it for dessert, but it smells and feels (yes, I feel my baked goods– it’s a really good indicator of doneness and caramelization) wonderful.

For lunch, I made myself a beautiful salad with some heirloom tomato that I bought recently.  The dressing was a very fast and guilt-free balsamic vinaigrette (just 1/2 T each olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt).

Salad, whole wheat bread, and seltzer. Good stuff. (That is the flour cookbook in the background if you were wondering. Or if you weren’t.)

I continued the trend with dinner:  Whole wheat penne with one of my pesto cupcakes melted in, along with some lightly sauteed spinach, garlic, and the rest of the tomato.  I feel very healthy.  And happy.

Perfect for a chilly summer evening!

Oh!  And I got a new cookbook (Brookline Booksmith gets me every time)!  I really could not physically or mentally resist this one: The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook.  WHAT?!?!?  My life is complete.  I’m actually getting cold out here on my balcony, so to celebrate, I’m going to go sit in my clean and pleasantly not-3-million-degree living room, read the cookbook, and watch Pride and Prejudice. A winner of a day, if I say so myself!

UPDATE:  Just had the banana bread with some hot tea (Finally!  I’ve been waiting for months!). SO good.  Don’t tell my mom, but I might like it as much as hers.  Maybe even more. (Hi, Mom!)  I also don’t normally put chocolate chips in banana bread, but I don’t love walnuts or have any on hand, and the chocolate chips I used as a substitute really made it perfect.

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